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Car Lock out

Being locked out of your car can happen at any time and to any one, so it is important to know what your options are in order to solve the issue as quickly as possible. DA Locksmiths can provide Car Lockout services in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner, so you can be back on the road to get on with your day.

It’s important that if you are requiring a car lockout service, it is best to use  professional locksmiths, such as the experts at DA Locksmiths. We have a proven track record when it comes to quality and professionalism. Your car is your pride and joy, so it only makes sense that you use the best possible services on it.

If you do become locked out of your car, it is important to remember a few things about the service we provide:

car lockout service

Stay Safe

If you are locked out of your car, it is vital that you stay in a safe place until one of our expert locksmiths can attend your location. Our locksmiths will be onsite as soon as possible, but in the meantime, your safety is of the highest priority. If you are locked out of your vehicle in a car-park, it is not advised to walk around as there may be moving vehicles in that area. We recommend that you stay by your vehicle, in a visible position.


Once one of our locksmiths has arrived at your location, a normal Car Lockout will usually take about 5 minutes to fix. If your car has several extra security measures in place, it may take a little while longer to gain access to the vehicle. You shouldn’t worry though as our locksmiths will have the car unlocked as soon as they can, and you’ll be on your way to enjoy your day.

If you are calling from anywhere on the North Shore and Northern Beaches, we estimate that we can be at your location in around 30 minutes. We try our very best to ensure we are at your location as quickly as possible as there may be an emergency, such as a small child or Fur-baby locked in the vehicle.

No Damage Guarantee

DA Locksmiths make every effort to ensure that our car lockout service does not damage your vehicle in any way. We understand that your vehicle holds a special place in your heart. In some instances, there may be a requirement, which is very much out of the ordinary, to drill a small hole in order to gain access to your car boot, but this will be covered by the existing license plate, so no one will even know it’s there.


We pride ourselves on having the most reasonable prices across the Northern Beaches and North Shore, so a simple mistake doesn’t end up costing too much, but prices do vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of factors which may affect the price of the car lockout services may include the difficulty of the job and the time taken for completion. You can get in touch for an obligation free quote online or by contacting us directly.

We can Open Deadlocked Cars

Even though they may be a little trickier, our expert locksmiths will be able to gain access to any vehicle which has a deadlock mechanism. Usually the deadlock features are associated with BMW, Mercedes and High-End Ford models, so any one on the North Shore or the Northern Beaches with a vehicle such as these can be assured that if they have locked the keys in the car, then we’ll be able to get them out.

Nothing is Impossible

With our experienced technicians, there is no task which is impossible. Even though cars can be secured with several scaled measures, such as normal locks and installed security systems, our experienced technicians will still be able to unlock your car in a safe, timely and cost-effective way. Even if you think that your car may be impossible to unlock, give us a call anyway, and one of our expert locksmiths will be able to gain access and retrieve your keys

Tools of the Trade

We use only the highest quality and proven tools to carry out our Car Lockout service. Our team of expert locksmiths will determine, once at the location of your car lockout, what it the most appropriate tool to use in the circumstances. It is always best to determine which tools will be required once on the scene, as cars differ and therefore the methodology of entry may differ from car to car. You can be assured though, that no matter what the tool being used is, we will have you back in your car in no time at all. The tools that will be used Some of the tools which we may use include

  • Wedges
  • Slim Jims
  • Probes
  • Auto Lock Picks
  • Tryout Keys

And more!

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Count on DA Locksmiths to provide you with a great price on your locksmith needs along with excellent service.

We only use quality products, here are a few examples

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