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Residential and Commercial Lock Repair and Replacement

DA Locksmiths offers 24/7 lock repair and replacement services so you can be reassured that you’re in good hands. There are many reasons why a lock needs repairing or replacing. Locking and unlocking a door over time can lead to a key sticking in a lock or a deadbolt not working. Some common ways a door lock can break include:

  • The door lock not catching
  • The key being unable to turn in the lock
  • Frozen or loose locks,
  • Stripping from unfavourable weather conditions
  • Bolt locks not operating

Often, a malfunctioning latch assembly or lock mechanism causes the problem. An inoperable key lock can be the result of a broken cylinder as it is the external control centre of all locks. When they cease to work, so does the lock, which creates a potential problem when gaining entry. The issue will make itself evident from constant efforts. Therefore, a trusted locksmith will be required to repair or replace your problem lock.

When deadbolt locks and deadbolts fail, the two leading causes for a lock to be unresponsive would be a tailpiece detaching which is attached to the cylinder or lock and functions through an insertion on the latch mechanism.

Magnetic locks afford a high level of security, and there are two varieties of electromagnetic locks fail-safe and fail secure. A fail-safe generally unlocks when the current of electricity is cut off, or if there is no flow of energy. The fail secure remains locked even when there is no electricity.

A magnetic door lock has two parts, the electromagnetic section that is attached to the doorframe and the armature that is coupled to the door. These two portions come in contact when the door is locked. It will remain closed and fastened because of the strong magnetic force that pulls it together, which is also produced by the flow of electricity.

DA Locksmiths will repair and replace any style of lock, quickly and efficiently. Your security and safety are essential to us. Our friendly team is available 24 hours a day to help.

Identifying A Lock That Has Been Tampered With

If you suspect a break in or tampering with a lock, it is essential to stay calm. There are three ways a burglar gains entry via a lock. Signs of this include:

  • Force, bent deadbolts or latches, warped doors or doorframes or paint circles from lock fixture movement.
  • Bumping, by filing down the teeth of a key they can unlock the tumblers. Signs of this include fresh nicks around the keyhole entry and shiny metal edges looking like they have been damaged.
  • Picking is the most traditional method. Signs include tiny scratch marks around the key area that is finer than a key.

A way to deal with lock tampering is to change your locks or upgrade them to digital mechanical bolts. This system is not as dependent upon tumblers and pins. Using a sliding bolt or a device that prevents turning of a deadbolt even after it is unlocked is another successful method.

In cases of forced entry though, it may be worth considering a security system. DA Locksmiths will give you optimal advice for your security requirements. A defective or damaged lock or a lock that has ceased to work can be repaired for a reduced cost of a new lock.

Our locksmiths are experienced and carry an extensive range of locks. We can guide you to choose the perfect security solution for your needs suitable for your home or commercial property.

DA Locksmiths offer a large variety of cost-effective residential, automotive and commercial architectural hardware products that include high-security master key systems and access control.

Do You Need A Lock Replacement?

We know that security is important to you, that’s why DA Locksmiths offer quality replacement door locks to reassure you that your home has the required level of security. Lock replacements can be needed at any time of the day or night, and no one wants to leave their home and personal belongings unprotected. With our 24/7 emergency service DA Locksmiths will reach your home swiftly, at anytime and provide you with a new lock replacement so you can have piece of mind.

In today’s society technology is consistently changing, and it is improving the security of our homes. We take your home security seriously, and as much as you might want to implement your own lock replacement we don’t want you to risk a potential break-in to your home.

Are you looking to upgrade your home security or just need a lock replacement? DA Locksmiths have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure your door locks are preforming at the optimum level.

Locks Repaired

Why Should I Choose DA Locksmiths?

DA Locksmiths are fully licensed and provide top quality products and service, to accommodate your schedule and budget. We offer a complete and comprehensive locksmithing service, including an emergency service 24 hours a day. Our services include key cutting, lockout, rekeying, commercial, emergency and car lockout assistance.

DA Locksmiths are masters in their field and expertly trained with the use of specialised tools and equipment. DA Locksmiths services are directed quickly and efficiently. Providing an immediate solution is essential to our company. We employ full members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. Our professional locksmiths can also recommend the appropriate ways to maintain the security of your property while ensuring your lock problems are solved. A professional DA Locksmith provides you with a high degree of quality workmanship.  Our qualified tradesmen are highly trained in all aspects of locksmithing and security and can also assist you with forcible entry and any locked out situation.

DA Locksmiths are trusted, experienced professionals with more than 13 year’s experience in Sydney. Based in Cromer on Sydney’s northern beaches our team look forward to providing punctual and expert service 24 hours a day.

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