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What Is Rekeying A Lock & Why Is It Important?

The most common reason for rekeying the locks of your home is when there has been a change in property possession. Rekeying is maintaining key control, it means you can keep track and account for all the keys that operate your locks. If your home has been previously owned, you won’t know who has had access to your keys beforehand, or if it’s a new home then most likely contractors have had access to your keys.

Rekeying a lock is a quick process, DA Locksmiths will remove the pins and springs within the lock cylinder and replace all of them with brand new pins and springs that function properly with the new keys. Majority of locks can be rekeyed and work normally afterward, however, if your lock is faulty or you desire a completely different lock style then you may need a lock replacement.

Rekeying a lock will allow us to examine the current state of the lock and how it has been installed. If your lock has been causing you issues, it’s most likely that these problems can be fixed without a lock replacement. When DA Locksmiths rekeys your lock, we lubricate the entire lock which will help the lock run smoothly. However, not all locks need to be rekeyed, some may need a lock replacement. That’s why our experts at DA Locksmiths will investigate your lock first to determine which option is most suitable for your lock.

What Is The Difference Between Rekeying & Replacing A Lock?

Replacing and rekeying a lock can often be confusing, but we’ll explain the difference. Replacing a lock is simply removing your old lock and replacing it with a new lock. While rekeying is a bit different, a locksmith keeps the part of the working key but the lock remains the same. The lock will be removed, taken apart and some parts of the key will be replaced e.g. key pins. Replacing or rearranging the pins is a small task and will not allow an old key to work with the current rekeyed lock.

Replacing your lock is ideal if your lock has been impaired or if parts inside the lock are too tattered to function.

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When Should I Rekey My Locks?

To rekey a lock, the current key for that lock must be available. If you end up misplacing your keys, or if you have just moved homes and you don’t know who else has a key, you should definitely rekey your lock. You may as well wish to match different keys from different locks to one key to make it more convenient. This will be suitable if your locks are from the same lock brand or keyhole. At DA Locksmiths, we know the importance of your safety, that’s why we will reach your home swiftly and rekey your locks in no time.

Do You Need Your Locks Rekeyed?

Have you lost your keys or just moved into a new home? Or maybe you’re looking for the comfort of extra security? Rekeying your lock is a cheaper alternative than replacing your entire lock. DA Locksmiths will rekey your lock according to your needs.

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